• Mulumba and her family head to USA with renewed hope, big dreams

    The family of Mr Mbaha Munganga and his wife Benwamanzi Mulumba have endured a roller-coaster three years.

    Three years in which Mr Munganga has risen from a little-known Congolese barber to an album-recording musician.

    Three years in which the Mungangas have gone from being mere statistics emblematic of Uganda’s generous refugee policy, to having a father who extends charity to Mulago hospital.

    Three years in which Mrs Munganga has gone from being a supportive spouse to a patient on her likely deathbed, dependent on the help of doctors in Mulago hospital.

  • Secretary General Guterres: supporting Uganda on refugees is not generosity, it’s a matter of Justice

    United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday urged the international Community to open their treasuries and support Uganda, a country that has demonstrated praise-winning generosity in hosting the world’s third-largest refugee population. Seated beside his co-host, President Yoweri Museveni, at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala, Mr Guterres spoke at the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees on 23 June.

  • European Union, UN-CERF aid South Sudanese refugees on Water and Sanitation

    When I ask Jackson Yakani where he comes from, his answer surprises me.
    “I am also a refugee!” he declares, sounding like he, too, is surprised by his situation. “I am also from South Sudan”
    Yakani, 32, is the assistant in-charge at Luru health centre III in Moyo district’s Palorinya settlement for South Sudanese refugees. He has been expectantly guiding his “visitors” around the health centre, explaining the many challenges health workers faces catering for up to 200 outpatients a day.