Design and Construction of a Decentralized faecal sludge Treatment Plant in Bidibidi, Yumbe District

  1. Background

Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the United Nations Migration Agency, working closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all.

IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.

With funding from European Union Humanitarian Aid, IOM is implementing the project titled: WASH Service Delivery for South Sudanese Refugees and Host Community in West Nile. IOM has allocated funds for the design and construction of a mini Decentralized Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (DEFAST) in Bidibidi settlement – Yumbe district for appropriate disposal of liquid waste.

As such IOM invites interested, eligible and competent firms to participate in open domestic bidding for:

  • Design and construction of a mini Decentralized Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (DEFAST), as well as training and equipping a local firm on sanitation as a business, including provision of latrine-emptying equipment.
    The facility will be constructed on a 100 meter by 100 meter piece of land provided by Yumbe District Local Government.
  1. Scope of work and tasks

The works will be executed in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Yumbe District, West Nile. The assignment is expected to be executed in two phases.

Phase 1 consists of designing the facility.

Phase 2 consists of constructing the designed facility and supporting its operationalization as per the contract to be signed.

The selection of the firm/company will take into consideration their experience in similar or related works, demonstrable capacity to perform responsibilities under both phases, and realistic costs.

The selected firm/company will work closely with IOM’s WASH team to ensure successful implementation of the project.


The hired firm will perform the following tasks:

Phase 1:

  • Undertake a needs-assessment of the proposed area to estimate the amount of liquid waste and proper sizing of the DEFAST
  • Properly assess the suitability of the proposed sites for the construction of the DEFAST or propose appropriate alternative site for the construction if necessary;
  • Provide a detailed design of the DEFAST, including sizing, material specifications, drawings, site layout, bills of quantities or any other output deemed necessary by the client;
  • Develop an operation manual of the designed and approved facility.

Phase 2:

  • Undertake the construction of the DEFAST according to the approved design.
  • Undertake testing of the DEFAST facility performance based on the quality of output sludge and liquid effluent compared to National standards prior to the final handover;
  • Provide training to the local enterprise management and staff on the operation and maintenance of the facility;
  • Collect toilet waste (raw material) and undertake the testing of the constructed facility to ensure proper functionality.
  • Provide appropriate low-cost emptying facility.


  1.  Expected outputs
  • Detailed design of the DEFAST including detailed drawings, site maps and layouts, material specifications, bill of quantities or any other output deemed necessary by the client;
  • Fully functional facility constructed according to the approved design;
  • Train the local enterprise and provide a comprehensive Operation-and-Maintenance manual.
  • Provide operational tools, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all the staff listed in the operational manual, first aid kits and the most essential spare parts that are required to run the facility efficiently.
  • Low cost emptying kit
  1. Eligibility criteria
    1. Company experience
      The desired company/firm should meet the following criteria:
  • Have a minimum of at least three (3) years in design of civil works;
  • Have a minimum of at least five (5) years’ experience in civil works construction;
  • Have experience in construction of waste water treatment plants;
  • Having designed and constructed more than one DEFAST would be an added advantage.


    1. Team composition and required skills
      The company/firm should have the following staff members:
  • Team leader: The team leader should hold a master degree in Civil, Environmental or Sanitary Engineering with experience in the construction of DEFAST or other waste water treatment plants preferably in an African context. S/He should have had hands on at least two  projects of design and construction of DEFAST or other waste water treatment plants as a team leader;
  • Sanitary/Environmental Engineer:  The engineer should hold at least a Bachelor degree in Sanitary or Environmental Engineering with a minimum of three (3) years working experience in construction of DEFAST or other waste water treatment plants as a sanitary engineer.
  • Environmental Expert: The expert should be qualified and recognized by the National Environment Management Authority.
  • Field manager: The field manager should hold at least an advanced diploma in Civil Engineering/Construction, with a minimum of two (2) years working experience.
  • 2 technicians: One technician should hold at least A2 in construction and another one should hold at least A2 in Plumbing.


  1. Duration of the assignment
    It is anticipated that both design and construction of the DEFAST should not exceed a period of two (2) months from the date of signing the contract, including review and validation of the work/ outputs.
  2. Key milestones of the assignment
    1. Phase 1

Phase 1 of the assignment comprises the design of the facility. The company should comply with the following conditions for phase one:

  • Submission of the bid documents including:
    • Technical proposal describing the company/firm profile, methodology, the staff and a tentative implementation plan for both design and construction works;
    • Financial  proposal for the design of the DEFAST

Both bid documents should be submitted not later than the 9th February 2018,

  • Submission of inception report including a detailed work plan, an updated methodology, confirmation of construction site and progress of the assignment should be submitted within a maximum period of five (5) calendar days after the signing of the contract;
  • Validation of the inception report should be done within 2 days after the reception of the above-mentioned report;
  • Approval of the final inception report should be done within 3 days after the validation process of the inception report;
  • Submission of the Draft design report of the DEFAST should be done within one week after approval of the inception report;
  • Validation of the draft design report of the DEFAST should be done within 5 days;
  • Approval and Submission of the final design report should be done within 3 days after the validation process of the draft design report.
    1. Phase 2

Phase 2 comprises of the construction of the designed DEFAST. Construction works should be completed within two months from the date of contract award.


Dated 25 January 2018

Closing Date: 
Monday, January 29, 2018