IOM believes that when well-managed, migration ultimately benefits the whole of humanity. Migration, then, is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be contended with.

Still, managing migration is big challenge for many countries, especially those in the West that many more people desire to travel to. With numbers of applicants for visas ever growing, countries are coming under ‘Public-Relations’ pressure to make the visa application process more humane and more affordable.  At the same time, Governments everywhere are being asked by voters to be more efficient and show value for money for public expenditure.

As part of its work in improving migration management IOM provides Visa Support for governments and migrants worldwide. Within this scope of work, IOM operates not for profit visa application centres (VACs) on behalf of diplomatic missions.  IOM-operated VACs handle administrative tasks of the visa application process and work to ensure that only properly completed visa applications are submitted, along with all required supporting documentation. This results in reduced costs and workloads for visa and immigration offices, faster visa processing times and improved service standards for visa applicants.

IOM Uganda’s Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC), located at Plot 41-59, Mackenzie Vale, in the Kololo area of Kampala, is open to any applicants in Uganda – both Ugandans and non-Ugandans.  The centre allows applicants to submit their documents to staff who at all times treat them with dignity and respect. The decisions to grant or deny visas, as well as any interviews, are the responsibility of Canadian diplomats in Tanzania and Kampala. But IOM plays the following roles on behalf of VFS Global:
Client information: This includes distribution of application forms, information sheets and checklists regarding visa requirements; responding to inquiries from applicants; as well as facilitating access to information for the Visa applicants.
Receiving applications: IOM provides detailed information to applicants on the proper completion of application forms; reviews applications for completeness and transfers them to the diplomatic missions, and arranges appointments for visa interviews.
Data capture: IOM captures and records relevant applicant biographical information into tailored software systems, including capturing biometrics to the specifications of the diplomatic mission, and relays the relevant information to the diplomatic missions.
Passport/visa return: IOM assists migrants to track the location of their passports and the progress of their Visa application and return passports to the applicants once the process is complete. 

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