IOM Uganda’s Migration Health Assessment Center (MHAC) in Kampala is the leading provider of health assessment and travel assistance service for refugees and migrants traveling temporarily or permanently to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. Conducted by specialized and experienced personnel, MHAC assessments are based on the protocols defined by the admitting countries.

This IOM programme, which operates in 70 countries globally, addresses the health needs of migrants and refugees prior to departure, hence benefiting both the host and destination countries. Pre-departure health education and awareness-raising activities also enhance the health-seeking behavior of migrants and refugees. 

Now located at Plot 47, Bukoto Crescent, in Naguru, MHAC receives technical support from Migration Health Divisions at the IOM Regional Office in Nairobi and headquarters in Geneva.

Besides the Naguru centre, IOM Uganda also has a clinic at the Transit Centre on Plot 29 & 31 Nakasero Road, for pre-departure treatment and fitness-to-travel checks.

  • Immigration medical examination for refugees and migrants bound for USA, Canada, Australia, etc
  • Pre departure TB screening for UK visa applicants    
  • Pre departure treatment  and Fitness to travel check
  • Immunization Service
  • DNA Sample collection
  • Directly Observed Treatment for Tuberculosis
  • Examination for refugees referred by UNHCR.

Appointments for medical examination are made by walking in, by email or by telephone. A complete normal assessment takes two or three appointments. The first includes counselling, laboratory tests and Chest X ray. The second involves sharing medical history and physical examination by the panel physician. Subsequent appointments for additional tests and consultation may be necessary, depending on the preliminary findings.

After all the tests and examination, the final medical report is submitted electronically or physically to relevant agencies. At all stages, MHAC ensures that client information is stored/transmitted with utmost confidentiality.

Radiology Unit

MHAC has a computerized Chest X-ray unit.   Depending on the country of health assessment, both local and international radiologists review the X-ray. The digital X-ray image is stored on the Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and transmitted for reading to an international radiologist based in IOM’s Global teleradiology center in Manila.

Laboratory Unit

MHAC performs a range of microbiological, serological, immunological investigations. They include rapid urine dipstick test, rapid HIV testing, VDRL, rapid Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C testing. Pre and Post - test counseling is done for the HIV test. In terms of TB microbiology investigations, sputum samples are collected in the morning by the Laboratory technician, after proper identity check, counseling and proper briefing on the techniques. The quality of sputum sample is then checked, before the sample is transferred to a TB laboratory for actual processing.

Human Resource

The MHAC staff consists of qualified and experienced professionals, for example: physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, Counselor, data processors, medical clerk, and pharmacists. Supervised by an international physician, the staff receive regular refresher training in their respective fields. 

TB Treatment

MHAC offers directly observed treatment to clients diagnosed with Tuberculosis, with close monitoring of progress/compliance, and/or any side effects. The TB clinic has enjoyed continued support from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

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